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Fire Doors & Fire Rated Overhead Doors

Precision Door Service of Albuquerque provides expert installation and repairs on fire doors. We are certified; so you can be sure you're fire rated door will operate properly and meet all building and fire codes.

Fire door systems are imperative for your business.  A top priority is fire containment & keeping the fire from spreading throughout the business your business is essential.  Call Precision Door today.  Our Expert Commercial Technicians....(finish)

Fire Drop Test - Fire Door Certification

3 Questions That Must Be Answered

  1. Have you certified your rolling steel fire doors?
  2. Is your company compliant?
  3. Does your company have unnecessary legal exposure?

The automatic closing of rolling steel fire doors must be tested at the time the door is installed, and the door must also be inspected and tested not less than annually as required by NFPA 80 (National FireProtection Association). Precision Door Service of Albuquerque proudly offers Annual Drop Test Certification in accordance with DASMA Technical #271 (Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International).

This video provides good info from the IDA, just skip to the 1:10 mark to avoid a long intro.

Fire Door Inspections

Precision Door Service offers Door Inspections.  Please Call us today and let us demonstrate to you how valuable your business is to us.

  • Expert Fire Door Repair & Installation
  • Inspection - We will Certify your doors for buildings and fire codes.
  • Maintenance Programs
  • All Work Is Warrantied
  • Same Day Service
  • Emergency Service
  • Fully Licensed & Insured

Fire doors are made to prevent a fire from spreading from one section of a building to another.

They are also installed as exits to help people get out of a building fast and notify emergency personnel for help.

Precision Door Service has tremendous experience working on these doors so you can be confident that your doors will operate when you need them most.

Call Precision Today For Expert Service & Inspections!

Keeping Your "DOORS" Open For Business